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happy birthday tablo!!!

but more importanly, and on a related note (for once), REMIXING THE HUMAN SOUL IS OUT. AND IT'S GIVING ME GOOSEBUMPS.

flaily review under the cut because no one in my flist is an epik high fan i think )

i don't know. as;dlfkjas;lfkjds this record is eating my brain. not that i'm complaining.
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okay so SNSD's hot new song and video are out. SUPER GENERATION was good. SO NYON SHI DAE (boy's generation) and mubank was even better. these are the moments when i'm so happy i'm in this fandom. but as much joy as glorious performances like these bring me, this fandom is also going to be responsible for my first heart attack.

this week has been insane. the real world is STRESSFUL enough as it is, with important people dying left and right (RIP farah fawcett and michael jackson), and north korea threatening to wipe my neighborhood off the map. but then fandom decides to make things worse. the whole SUPER JUNIOR SITUATION  is a source of constant worry. i mean leg injuries, depression, the possibility of someone leaving the band, the possibility of the entire band breaking up, future military service, and just the uncertainty of wtf is gonna happen to them is driving me nuts. and then SUNGMIN gets a freakin' knee injury, which he needed STITCHES for (poor baby) and he didn't have to be on mubank but he decided to go anyway because he really wanted to perform. so he did, and he was SINGING and SMILING through the pain, dammit. gah he's such a SWEETHEART. and then SHINEE decides to contribute to my steadily increasing blood pressure, in the form of GIANT METAL LIGHTING FIXTURES wanting to eat onew. but then SIWON (with backup from kyuhyun and you know, GOD) caught the damn thing before it could crush my beloved ondubu, so another coronary averted.

i swear this fandom is gonna be the death of me.

so now i shall cheer myself up with the cutest thing i saw all week and hopefully it would be enough to get me through another week in KPOP: THE DEADLIEST FANDOM EVER.

teeheehee isn't SUNNY the cutest thing ever? (and yes i now have an snsd icon) another thing that could cheer me up is the sight of SOOYOUNG's legs. no wait, i think that falls under the "things that could cause premature death" category. anyway, i love SUNNY and SOOYOUNG. they're my favorite SNSD members. especially because they were both SUNGMIN'S SIDEKICKS in chunji. SUNGMIN/SOOYOUNG has always been my het otp in kpop because i loved that SOOYOUNG was never cutesy around SUNGMIN the way SUNNY is. but now, especially after watching music travel lalala, i'm liking the whole SUNGMIN/SUNNY "we're cuter than all your otp's combined" dynamic. i'm also beginning to like the idea of SUNGMIN/SOOYOUNG/SUNNY because i'm perverted like that. now if only i knew where to find fic...

new things

Jun. 11th, 2009 02:36 am
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1. new fandoms

reason for getting into the fandom: EUNHYUK
thoughts before and after becoming a fan: i used to think tablo was ugly but now i want to rape him. and his mind.
thoughts on the group: genius. genius lyrics. genius music. just genius. and now i regret not going to see them when they came to new york. fuck me.
thoughts on the members: tablo, mithra and tukutz are three of the most hilarious people on earth. and i think i want to get wasted with them. or you know, spend a nice quiet afternoon with them, just baking cookies and watching murder she wrote reruns. idek.

(now onto the minor leagues, AKA groups i don't love yet but have high potential)

reason for getting into the fandom: my sister's boyfriend is a HUUUUGE fan. also, i find it amusing how every one in suju and shinee (okay, everyone in korea) knows the choreography to their songs so i was curious.
thoughts before and after becoming a fan: i used to find them annoying. i still do. but with love in my heart now.
thoughts on the group: why do they have such looooong legs? also, i heard they're getting a new choreographer for their sexy new album. this is gonna be exciting. i want whore!SNSD and i want it now!
thoughts on the members: i only know sooyoung (sungmin-sooyoung is my het OTP), sunny (from the cooking? cooking! video), yoona (from the U video), yuri (from Attack on the Pin-up Boys), jessica the slut, and tiffany with the big eyes. the rest are just blah.

★ 2PM
reason for getting into the fandom: [livejournal.com profile] goldengutgirl 
thoughts before and after becoming a fan: i didn't want to like 2PM because i already love too many boys. resistance was futile.
thoughts on the group: they look like action figures. also, again and again is stuck in my head. i sing it again and again. hahaha. i'm so clever.
thoughts on the members: i only know nichkhun. then there's one member with bangs. then all the rest have identical haircuts like guile from street fighter. do they expect me to be able to tell them apart by the patterns they have shaved onto the sides of their heads? TO ME THERE'S NO DIFFERENCE.

if you can point me to snsd or 2pm pimp posts so i could learn to love everybody (and learn their names), by all means do so. i need help. thank you very much.

2. new friends!

hello to [livejournal.com profile] queenbratinella , [livejournal.com profile] heesica , [livejournal.com profile] micodeavi , [livejournal.com profile] papyong , [livejournal.com profile] vaguebelle , [livejournal.com profile] conflate , [livejournal.com profile] theprerogative , and [livejournal.com profile] psychul  !!!! new friends!!! yay!!!

3. new layout

finally. after ten years of saying i needed a new layout, i finally went and made (read: mixed and matched codes from several different layouts which i stole from [livejournal.com profile] estiloamor ) one. i chose that picture for the header because my love for the Sorry, Sorry Version B photoshoot will never fade. and i made that sapphire blue baloon from scratch so well done, me. ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-check it out! [personal profile] jumper_on [personal profile] jumper_on [personal profile] jumper_on [personal profile] jumper_on [personal profile] jumper_on [personal profile] jumper_on [personal profile] jumper_on 

4. new icons

still working on them hahaha but yeah. otanoshimi!


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