May. 19th, 2010 07:25 pm
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i would like to thank everyone who wished me luck. you guys are awesome. :D

so now that i am back on lj, let me just share my thoughts on everything that's been going on. and since i'm lagging behind everyone, i will try to keep this short.

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so yeah. i'll be off the grid for a couple days as i will be travelling halfway across the globe to spend two months of intense partying with my best friends in the entire universe. oh and [livejournal.com profile] goldengutgirl i will see you in a couple days!!!
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i don't think i've declared this publicly but:


and it's not just cause they both look good and are obviously super talented, and therefore their spawn would just be these ridiculously attractive superhuman idol babies. it's that they have history together. and that counts for a lot in a real life relationship. and it kills me. and it's cute.

and look at the picture!!! it looks like the cover for manga about this shy boy who's really sweet and sings good and this free-spirited girl who's really loud and has sick dance skillz and how they're an unlikely pair who fall in love despite all their differences. ONLY, IT'S NOT MANGA. IT'S REAL LIFE.

so yeah. they are obviously MFEO.

/still waiting for the comeback, guys. come on. april's almost half done.


in other news, i am seriously addicted to LEE HYO RIZZLE. the new album is sick. Bring It Back is hands down my favorite track because BEKAH and JI YOON, two of the most badass ladiez in kpop, are in it. but also i love how it fuses rock and hip-hop together into an awesome awesome track of grrrl power. and then the track is followed by Highlight which is another song that gets me off my ass and makes me work it. this album is not helping me get any homework done! it's helping me burn off some calories though, which is good. oh and i also adore the track with Daesung in it. it is BEAUTIFUL. and not just because it resampled Annie Lennox. even if to me, that is reason enough. 
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happy birthday tablo!!!

but more importanly, and on a related note (for once), REMIXING THE HUMAN SOUL IS OUT. AND IT'S GIVING ME GOOSEBUMPS.

flaily review under the cut because no one in my flist is an epik high fan i think )

i don't know. as;dlfkjas;lfkjds this record is eating my brain. not that i'm complaining.


Jul. 9th, 2008 01:52 am
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so everyone agrees that TRUTH is the most perfect genius song ever written for a drama in the history of dramas having songs written for them right? i thought it was so perfect, you don't have to do anything to it to make it sound any better.

then the full version comes out, and my love for the song just grew exponentially. i mean the pre-chorus was already pretty amazing in the short version. it was just so clever how the lines and the melodies were overlapping and chasing each other and intertwining. kind of like a metaphor for how ohno's and toma's characters are in the drama. but man that second pre-chorus in the longer version is nothing short of an aural orgasm. the way the percussions just faded out and it was all just voices and piano and strings and some subtle industrial elements? gaaaah it's fucking awesome.

(sorry. this post has turned into what a typical conversation with my bandmates would sound like. only i would never talk to them about TRUTH cause they are stupid boys who don't know jack squat about arashi.)

frankly, i've never raved over an arashi song this much. i mean their songs never fail to get me off my ass and dance (hello step and go, carnival night, eyes with delight, itsuka no summer, kitto daijoubu, i could go on and on and on..) but this is the first time an arashi song has moved me to dissect the technical shit. so i was thinking: good job guys. this is the single most technically-complicated piece of musical genius you've ever recorded. and nothing can ever make me love this song more.

but then i see this on youtube.

and let me just tell you. the only thing that beats a perfect genius song is some genius japanese kid who plays it PERFECTLY on a fucking piano and posts it on youtube the day after she first hears it on tv.

why am i not this good, God? i am so jealous and i feel like a crap musician. haha.

you should check out all of her videos. i think she has piano versions of one love, sirius, and himitsu on her youtube site and they're all fucking perfect. ugh.


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