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it is officially


and although i am spending the entire week either on youtube fangirling in my apartment or working in the school's computer lab (which is thankfully open and oh joy it shall be really quiet this week because i will be the only one there as everyone is off to cancun) because i am a huge nerd need to catch up on homework, i am still very excited because the possibilities of this week are endless.

okay maybe not endless, but i am looking forward to getting a shitload of stuff done, which i will list down here because i have no organization skills to speak of and i spend most of my time on lj anyway:

1. clean my apartment because it has been overrun by giant cardboard heads, rolls of hastily designed posters and their slightly better revised versions, huge amounts of prints from my letterpress and photolitography classes, blocks of carved wood from my woodcut printing class, enormous screens for my silkscreen class, etc etc. i'm starting to have a difficult time finding  t-shirts/sneakers/my dignity under all this mess. good thing i'm GRADUATING IN MAY. UGH I CAN'T WAIT.

2. homework (please move on to next number):
    a. history of graphic design -- typographic poster for my organic food manifesto (75% done)
    b. logos class -- 200 logo studies for a concert (50% done)
    c. graphic design 3 -- website for public intervention project (0% done)
    d. portfolio class -- series of 3 posters for a film festival (25% done)
    e. processing -- programming code for an image-driven interactive sketch (done woohoo!!!!)
    f. woodcut/letterpress class -- layout design and illustrations for my rhyming ninja book (0%done)
    g. silkscreen class -- 5 bags and 5 t-shirts printed (done and done)

3. new lj layout and icons! preferably with onew/onkey/onkeyhyun on them. because shinee. come on.

4. watch all the shinee videos on youtube.

5. catch up on drama: bloody monday 2, iris, tokujo kabachi, skins, etc

okay obviously all this cannot be done in a week. but i'm already starting on number one and i'm feeling real good about my chances.
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dear drama gods, why do you love me so?

(oh hello there old and barely used tags. nice to see you again)
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okay so i finished watching you're beautiful like weeks ago but [livejournal.com profile] jadenmd just finished and she was saying who she loved the most and why. and i'm not saying her choice is wrong because come on, all three of them were cute. but i just feel very very strongly about this so i'm going to repost what i told her. because i just woke up and i read her post and she got me flailing and i know it's too early for flailing but i'm doing it anyway.

okay now i'm gonna tell you why i love jeremy. because even if he (unknowingly) never had a chance with minam, he always wore his heart on his sleeve. he gets FURIOUS, ECSTATIC, and feels everything to the highest extent and he always shows his feelings. and he loved to the fullest with his whole entire heart. and that's why it hurt so much to watch him sing that song to her in that last bus ride. and gaaah i was crying so much when he told her that when they get off the bus that everything would turn back to normal and he'd be happy bouncy jeremy again. and he did it and he was bouncy jeremy but still with tears in his eyes and huhuhuhu. that whole bus scene was the single most heart-wrenching scene in that entire series. it broke my heart. :( everything after that just paled in comparison. i felt like it was all downhill from that scene because of course she ends up with taekyung and of course shinwoo gets dumped but we already knew that from the beginning. jeremy's scenes were totally unexpected and unpredictable and gaah i'm sorry i'm rambling.

i liked shinwoo at first because of all the things he did for minam and because he was like the hanazawa rui character. but jeremy won me over with his bus rides and his dog and his overall AWESOME.

and taekyung's cute. i loved jang geun suk since beethoven virus and baby&me but JEREMY, man. ugh okay i'll stop now.
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it's been over a week since school ended and it has taken me this long to catch up with fandom. and WTF?!

1. arashi is having their 10th anniversary concert. i don't know what to do about this.

2. i started watching Love Shuffle and WTF this is one of the wittiest, funniest, most underrated jdramas i have ever seen. also, matsuda shota is so sexy in this i can't even tell you. i liked him as soujirou in hanadan and i swear that episode about him and his first love was my favorite episode in the entire franchise hands down. because he cried! and it was believable! and great! i liked him also in bara no nai hanaya because he played a character that was the complete opposite of soujirou and he pulled it off awesome. i should have known i was in love with him when i saw him on the cover of NYLON JAPAN a couple months back. i was at kinokuniya staring at the magazine like an idiot for about two hours. but in LOVE SHUFFLE, man. just. unf. go watch it now.

3. WTF g dragon was depressed and went to europe with his hair like that. poor kid. apparently he's all better now (right). still, i love him in the My Heaven MV even if he was all sadface throughout.

4. suju's cosmo photoshoot. with the nice clothes and the genius hand placements. and the interview!

so the interviewer was asking them if any of them were envious of the other members' parts in the choreography for sorry, sorry. and so Yesung says he was jealous of Eunhyuk because he gets to do a dance solo. and Eeteuk says Siwon because he looks like a big boss when he does his finger lifting bit. and Sungmin says Hangeng because it looks really powerful how he walks in at the beginning. then the Inteviewer goes: Why doesn't Kyuhyun talk? Weren't you envious of the other members? then Kyu was like "I'm good."

HAHAHAHA. that boy. ♥

also, am i the only one who thinks he would have fit in fabulously with the cast of coffee prince? they should dress him more like this.

5.  DONGHAE. IN THIS. i know it's old but that doesn't make it any less hot. T^T

so anyway, i am in dire need of a layout change. i should go and do that now.

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wow. a five-month hiatus. and i thought i was never gonna update this journal again.

the reason for my disappearance from the wonderful, wonderful world of fandom is the back-to-back bitch slaps that real life had dealt me a few months back.

bitch slap #1
boyfriend (well now, ex-boyfriend) decides to dump me for a model. and he says that's just because i already dumped him, in my mind (!!!!), for nino/arashi/anime/japan.

and bitch slap #2
attempted rape. us fangirls are surprisingly strong. and we have to be, just in case we have to battle other fangirls for a crushboy's attention. or you know, merchandise.

needless to say, RL really fucked me up. and yes, it got to a point where i simply couldn't flail over my beloved boys with as much gusto as i had before. hence the hiatus. so my mother shipped me back to the philippines to recover. there i stayed for a couple of months to get much needed emotional and psychological support from my friends, which they gave me in spades in the form of parties. got back to the states, immersed myself in the dramas i missed while i was away, and found myself a reason to update this journal, which is exactly the same reason i started this journal in the first place: a boy.

but a different boy this time. this one:

yes. hongo kanata.

when i saw him in prince of tennis ages ago, i thought  "what a cute little baby." but when i saw him in NANA 2 a while later, where he played Shin (only my favorite character from the manga/anime because he was a hot, young, musician/prostitute) i knew i loved him. enough to add him to my interests on lj and watch all the other dramas he did. enough even to do a background check and youtube video search. but alas, arashi was having the best year of their careers, so kanata hongo was, i hate to admit it, forgotten.

fast forward to yesterday. i was 2 weeks into my MISSED DRAMAS OF 2008 IMMERSION EXTRAVAGANZA and seigi no mikata was up. and there he was. okamoto riku. high school dreamboat. smart boy/musician who is amused/fascinated by protagonist dork girl. only the most perfect character ever, played by kanata hongo AKA cute boy who used to be a baby but is now showing signs of manliness.

i'm still not sure about my feelings for this boy. i don't know if i love him like i love nino (which is, you know, an x-rated type of love) or if i love him in the way i will always love younger boys because i have unresolved high school young love issues and my subconscious will always project my present self into a high shool type of scenario where i'm the dorky girl whom the straight-A jock musician is amused/fascinated by (which is a purer, more innocent type of love where holding hands is the bee's knees).

all i know is i like looking at him. especially around the mouth area. look at those lips! and you can't see it but he has fangs! i was tempted to do a picspam but i was forbidden by my sister because she says that what i call love is, in other places, called pedophilia.

i know, i know. he looks really young. but he's already 18, and where i come from that's legal. hahaha.


Jul. 17th, 2008 10:36 pm
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autumn drama.

ninomiya kazunari.

nishikido ryo.

someone pinch me please.


Jul. 9th, 2008 01:52 am
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so everyone agrees that TRUTH is the most perfect genius song ever written for a drama in the history of dramas having songs written for them right? i thought it was so perfect, you don't have to do anything to it to make it sound any better.

then the full version comes out, and my love for the song just grew exponentially. i mean the pre-chorus was already pretty amazing in the short version. it was just so clever how the lines and the melodies were overlapping and chasing each other and intertwining. kind of like a metaphor for how ohno's and toma's characters are in the drama. but man that second pre-chorus in the longer version is nothing short of an aural orgasm. the way the percussions just faded out and it was all just voices and piano and strings and some subtle industrial elements? gaaaah it's fucking awesome.

(sorry. this post has turned into what a typical conversation with my bandmates would sound like. only i would never talk to them about TRUTH cause they are stupid boys who don't know jack squat about arashi.)

frankly, i've never raved over an arashi song this much. i mean their songs never fail to get me off my ass and dance (hello step and go, carnival night, eyes with delight, itsuka no summer, kitto daijoubu, i could go on and on and on..) but this is the first time an arashi song has moved me to dissect the technical shit. so i was thinking: good job guys. this is the single most technically-complicated piece of musical genius you've ever recorded. and nothing can ever make me love this song more.

but then i see this on youtube.

and let me just tell you. the only thing that beats a perfect genius song is some genius japanese kid who plays it PERFECTLY on a fucking piano and posts it on youtube the day after she first hears it on tv.

why am i not this good, God? i am so jealous and i feel like a crap musician. haha.

you should check out all of her videos. i think she has piano versions of one love, sirius, and himitsu on her youtube site and they're all fucking perfect. ugh.
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i gotta say i had my doubts about this drama. i thought it was gonna be cheesy. but it's really really good. i didn't expect to like it this much.

OHNO OH MY GOD. you've always been my least favorite arashi member but. i think i love you. naruse! so much tragic! it's just really really good acting. gaaaaah. and nino was there for like two seconds. what? therefore, he's gotta be in the next few episodes too. i hope. haha.

AND TRUTH! i can't even begin to describe how much i adore this song. okay i can. this is the first time i heard this song and already it has surpassed one love (which was taking its sweet time climbing my personal "new song love" chart). it's kinda dark but not too dark for arashi. the pre-chorus is just so clever. does anyone know if this song can be downloaded anywhere? it's just a really really good song. and i NEED it.

gaaaah. GAAAAAAAH!!!

okay i'll go have breakfast now.


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