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so i survived the first week back from spring break. i was behind in four out of my seven classes becuase i was slacking off during spring break instead of doing homework. but i'm caught up now i think. because my cramming powers are superb.

here are the three things that made me spazz this week:

number 1:

SOOOOO BEAST! they won. and they cried. it was gloooorious.

number 2:

AFTER SCHOOL UP! so i kind of have a thing for this group. for quite some time now actually. it started with amoled. and it's been growing steadily since then. but today, man, i realized that i think i love them. they have stolen my heart because they did the drum line. AND I LOVE GOOD PERCUSSIONS OKAY?? plus their comeback performance was stunning perfect flawless etc etc. everyone looked gorgeous. i liked that they all have brown/black hair now. they danced awesomely. their costumes were hot. i loved everything.

number 3:


guuuuh. i didn't really care that much for jonghyun before hello baby. but watching that show actually made him more likable for me. i could go all crazy meta on this shit but i think i'm gonna spare you. basically, i really really really like him now. like insanely.

and look at that fucking beautiful hair. with that trademark smirk. it's doing things to me.

i mean, i really loved his ring ding dong blondeness. that hair was a work of fucking art, you guys. with its flippiness and its gradients. it was amaaaazing. but there's something about ~new~ hairstyles that always makes me spazz. and come on, look at that face. he knows, man. he knows.

oh the adjectives i've used in this post. fandom has made me more eloquent methinks.
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omg i am so hooked on them right now it's not even funny.

on a related note, it's the day before end of spring break and here are the things i've accomplished (compare to previous post's to-do list and feel free to laugh at my face):

1. cleaned my apartment and even did laundry! yay!

2. watched all yunhanam episodes. and school of rock. and about 80% of all shinee videos on youtube. i still have flower boy generation left.

3. new onew icon. yay! and new onew layout. check it out! [livejournal.com profile] jumper_on  and while you're at it, you should also check out my profile for awesome onew gif of sexy. okay no i am not obsessed.

4. wrote shinee fic. yeah, i don't even.

5. made onew fanart!!! well, i just drew him. nothing original or cute or fantastic about it or anything. but staring at him for extended periods of time in order to capture his perfection on pencil and paper was definitely not a waste of precious spring break hours.

6. absolutely zero percent of all the homework i need done for next week.

and i don't care! shinee is coming back in april! i'm so excited! it actually makes me want to leave my apartment and enjoy the lovely weather outside! it's 70 degrees!!!

okay, um, i'm gonna go now before i change my mind. shinee gaaaaah!

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it is officially


and although i am spending the entire week either on youtube fangirling in my apartment or working in the school's computer lab (which is thankfully open and oh joy it shall be really quiet this week because i will be the only one there as everyone is off to cancun) because i am a huge nerd need to catch up on homework, i am still very excited because the possibilities of this week are endless.

okay maybe not endless, but i am looking forward to getting a shitload of stuff done, which i will list down here because i have no organization skills to speak of and i spend most of my time on lj anyway:

1. clean my apartment because it has been overrun by giant cardboard heads, rolls of hastily designed posters and their slightly better revised versions, huge amounts of prints from my letterpress and photolitography classes, blocks of carved wood from my woodcut printing class, enormous screens for my silkscreen class, etc etc. i'm starting to have a difficult time finding  t-shirts/sneakers/my dignity under all this mess. good thing i'm GRADUATING IN MAY. UGH I CAN'T WAIT.

2. homework (please move on to next number):
    a. history of graphic design -- typographic poster for my organic food manifesto (75% done)
    b. logos class -- 200 logo studies for a concert (50% done)
    c. graphic design 3 -- website for public intervention project (0% done)
    d. portfolio class -- series of 3 posters for a film festival (25% done)
    e. processing -- programming code for an image-driven interactive sketch (done woohoo!!!!)
    f. woodcut/letterpress class -- layout design and illustrations for my rhyming ninja book (0%done)
    g. silkscreen class -- 5 bags and 5 t-shirts printed (done and done)

3. new lj layout and icons! preferably with onew/onkey/onkeyhyun on them. because shinee. come on.

4. watch all the shinee videos on youtube.

5. catch up on drama: bloody monday 2, iris, tokujo kabachi, skins, etc

okay obviously all this cannot be done in a week. but i'm already starting on number one and i'm feeling real good about my chances.

new things

Jun. 11th, 2009 02:36 am
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1. new fandoms

reason for getting into the fandom: EUNHYUK
thoughts before and after becoming a fan: i used to think tablo was ugly but now i want to rape him. and his mind.
thoughts on the group: genius. genius lyrics. genius music. just genius. and now i regret not going to see them when they came to new york. fuck me.
thoughts on the members: tablo, mithra and tukutz are three of the most hilarious people on earth. and i think i want to get wasted with them. or you know, spend a nice quiet afternoon with them, just baking cookies and watching murder she wrote reruns. idek.

(now onto the minor leagues, AKA groups i don't love yet but have high potential)

reason for getting into the fandom: my sister's boyfriend is a HUUUUGE fan. also, i find it amusing how every one in suju and shinee (okay, everyone in korea) knows the choreography to their songs so i was curious.
thoughts before and after becoming a fan: i used to find them annoying. i still do. but with love in my heart now.
thoughts on the group: why do they have such looooong legs? also, i heard they're getting a new choreographer for their sexy new album. this is gonna be exciting. i want whore!SNSD and i want it now!
thoughts on the members: i only know sooyoung (sungmin-sooyoung is my het OTP), sunny (from the cooking? cooking! video), yoona (from the U video), yuri (from Attack on the Pin-up Boys), jessica the slut, and tiffany with the big eyes. the rest are just blah.

★ 2PM
reason for getting into the fandom: [livejournal.com profile] goldengutgirl 
thoughts before and after becoming a fan: i didn't want to like 2PM because i already love too many boys. resistance was futile.
thoughts on the group: they look like action figures. also, again and again is stuck in my head. i sing it again and again. hahaha. i'm so clever.
thoughts on the members: i only know nichkhun. then there's one member with bangs. then all the rest have identical haircuts like guile from street fighter. do they expect me to be able to tell them apart by the patterns they have shaved onto the sides of their heads? TO ME THERE'S NO DIFFERENCE.

if you can point me to snsd or 2pm pimp posts so i could learn to love everybody (and learn their names), by all means do so. i need help. thank you very much.

2. new friends!

hello to [livejournal.com profile] queenbratinella , [livejournal.com profile] heesica , [livejournal.com profile] micodeavi , [livejournal.com profile] papyong , [livejournal.com profile] vaguebelle , [livejournal.com profile] conflate , [livejournal.com profile] theprerogative , and [livejournal.com profile] psychul  !!!! new friends!!! yay!!!

3. new layout

finally. after ten years of saying i needed a new layout, i finally went and made (read: mixed and matched codes from several different layouts which i stole from [livejournal.com profile] estiloamor ) one. i chose that picture for the header because my love for the Sorry, Sorry Version B photoshoot will never fade. and i made that sapphire blue baloon from scratch so well done, me. ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-check it out! [personal profile] jumper_on [personal profile] jumper_on [personal profile] jumper_on [personal profile] jumper_on [personal profile] jumper_on [personal profile] jumper_on [personal profile] jumper_on 

4. new icons

still working on them hahaha but yeah. otanoshimi!
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it's been over a week since school ended and it has taken me this long to catch up with fandom. and WTF?!

1. arashi is having their 10th anniversary concert. i don't know what to do about this.

2. i started watching Love Shuffle and WTF this is one of the wittiest, funniest, most underrated jdramas i have ever seen. also, matsuda shota is so sexy in this i can't even tell you. i liked him as soujirou in hanadan and i swear that episode about him and his first love was my favorite episode in the entire franchise hands down. because he cried! and it was believable! and great! i liked him also in bara no nai hanaya because he played a character that was the complete opposite of soujirou and he pulled it off awesome. i should have known i was in love with him when i saw him on the cover of NYLON JAPAN a couple months back. i was at kinokuniya staring at the magazine like an idiot for about two hours. but in LOVE SHUFFLE, man. just. unf. go watch it now.

3. WTF g dragon was depressed and went to europe with his hair like that. poor kid. apparently he's all better now (right). still, i love him in the My Heaven MV even if he was all sadface throughout.

4. suju's cosmo photoshoot. with the nice clothes and the genius hand placements. and the interview!

so the interviewer was asking them if any of them were envious of the other members' parts in the choreography for sorry, sorry. and so Yesung says he was jealous of Eunhyuk because he gets to do a dance solo. and Eeteuk says Siwon because he looks like a big boss when he does his finger lifting bit. and Sungmin says Hangeng because it looks really powerful how he walks in at the beginning. then the Inteviewer goes: Why doesn't Kyuhyun talk? Weren't you envious of the other members? then Kyu was like "I'm good."

HAHAHAHA. that boy. ♥

also, am i the only one who thinks he would have fit in fabulously with the cast of coffee prince? they should dress him more like this.

5.  DONGHAE. IN THIS. i know it's old but that doesn't make it any less hot. T^T

so anyway, i am in dire need of a layout change. i should go and do that now.

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crazy moon on utaban
nino and ohno winning awards
quiz show

dong hae. elle korea. previous post.
kibum finally showing his mug
watching them on Come to Play and Intimate Note. HEESICA wtf hahahahahahahahahahaha.
news about the REPACKAGED ALBUM this is gonna be so awesome

watching ancient big bang videos and interviews with my sister this weekend
in other news, G DRAGON has taken over my heart and it's been going on for the past couple of weeks and really it deserves its own post but something like that will take me a lot of time which is something i don't have these days. but yeah. I AM IN LOVE WITH THAT BOY. HORRENDOUS HAIR INCLUDED.

4. NEW FRIENDS! HELLO [livejournal.com profile] gwiboon and [livejournal.com profile] aokiyai !!!

5. actually getting homework done. and me liking what i've done. and one of my teachers calling me clever. teehee. two weeks to go and i'm done with this semester! after that is two glorious whole months of fandom immersion. i'm so excited!!!

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1. so i wanted to make up to JAPAN for neglecting it for the past few weeks and i went to kinokuniya yesterday. and who do i see on the covers of the music magazines? DBfSK. then i went to the counter to look at all the announcements and free postcards they have lying around and what do i see there? a postcard that says JAPAN AND KOREA UNITED and it's an announcement for like monthly meetings of japanese and korean people for friendship or something. i swear even japan is pimping korea now.

i went to the manga section so i could get away from korea for a couple of seconds and focus. and i'm sooooooo glad i did because that's where i found (and 2 seconds later, bought) this:

there are probably HQ scans of this photobook floating around but i took some pics with my cellphone anyway. because of the cuteness. and because i spent waaay too much on this than is reasonable and i don't care because it's matsuken and i wanted to show this to someone. sorry.

death note is sooooo three years ago. so why am i suddenly willing to shell out for ancient overpriced merchandise? it's a mystery.

2. in other news, arashi! new single!! yay!!! also, nino is starring in another drama SP. i'm so happy he's not playing another retard. and he's playing inoue mao's husband. how ever are the junxmao fangirls gonna react? bring on the fanfics.

3. my sister visits me every weekend so we could walk around the city and eat at every japanese restaurant we could find. and we read in a magazine that there's this one store that serves really good omurice so we went and looked for it last weekend. the following conversation takes place while i was looking at the subway map trying to figure out the best route to get there:

me: we could take any train on the red line, get off at this stop, then switch to any train on the....
sister: what? any train on the what?
me: the purple line.... I GOTTA INTRODUCE MYSELF.

then we started laughing and people were looking and yeah. that was a good day.

4. speaking of purple line, i always thought that was a funny song. ever since the first time i heard yoochun say "i really wanna touch myself" when ayisse made me listen to it in her car. but because of this remix, my views on this song are slowly changing:

i still think purple line is a funny song but why have i had this video on loop for the past hour? this remix somehow made me pay attention to yoochun's voice and i find that i like the quality of it better than jj's now. it's more manly. and a bit husky. and i like that.

5. speaking of yoochun, i think i love him now. i've always liked jaejoong because my sister showed me the balloons video a long time ago (yes) and then recently changmin because i thought he was extra hot in the mirotic video. but this week yoochun somehow ninja-ed his way onto the top. and i think it happened when they were guests on ontama and they were asked to sing lines from songs that started with each syllable of the words secret code (shi-ku-re-tsu-to ko-do in japanese). jj was serious about it and sang really good lines from songs but whenever they hit tough spots, yoochun takes over and wins my heart. for the syllable KU, yoochun goes "ku-gun, ku-gun" like the sound you hear when the shark stalks swimming humans in the jaws movies. then when they get to the syllable TO, yoochun starts singing "tonyo tonyo tonyo sakana no ko" you know like the studio ghibli film except that was PONYO. so yeah that's the reason why i love yoochun now. oh and because he has tattoos.

6. speaking of tattoos, jaejoong's are hot as well. and in grammatically correct english too. unlike a certain suju member i know who had "actions are more PRECTION than words" tattooed on his back. yes kangin, i'm talking about you. you would have been better off tattooing "korean number 1 handsome guy" on yourself. at least even if it's not true, all those words exist in the english language. prection. honestly.

7. speaking of korean handsome guys, let's talk about dong hae for a sec and how his charisma has gotten him parts in other artists' music videos: BoA's Key of Heart and SNSD's Kissing You. i love how in korea musicians often collaborate with other musicians in songs and videos even if they're not from the same management (wonderboys and wonderbang lol) and i rarely ever see that happen in japan and dong hae why are you so cute flirting with all nine members of SNSD and getting killed in a motorcycle accident on the way to BoA's gig??? sigh i love video whores. and collabs. which brings me to number 8 and i swear i've been postponing talking about them because of the sheer monumentality of the task but here i go anyway:


hmmm.. i think i'm gonna postpone after all. my brain turns to mush when i think about big bang. more specifically, TOP. oh god, i think i'm gonna go change my underwear now. i'll talk about this burning hotness of a man next week. in the meantime, i leave you with this. because masamixes.com is GENIUS.

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1. i just trudged through 480 BACK ENTRIES on my flist. and i started 8 HOURS AGO. i will never ignore lj for a whole week because i wanna focus on schoolwork ever again.

2. i had to go to chelsea today for an assignment and i swear this school goes out of its way to annoy me. because it was raining. and the building i had to go to was seven million blocks from the subway station. and just. i don't like getting my sneakers wet. so anyway i went and on the way i pass by this tiny little movie house in the middle of fuck knows where and i see this:

and suddenly it wasn't so bad anymore. i know it's an old movie but just seeing him suddenly out in the middle of nowhere when i was having such a crapfest of a day made me squeal and take fangirl cellphone pics of a poster i've seen a gajmillion times before. idek. speaking of L..

3. i haven't seen a single episode of zenigaba and that makes me a very bad fan. but i did see "don't laugh at my romance" and that movie pretty much confirmed the suspicions i've been having this past week: i think i'm in love with matsuyama kenichi (i mean i loved him before this but that was more of an "i think you're a good actor and i love your work" type of love and now it's more of the "i wanna have your babies" variety) and i'm 87% sure that it had to do with the fact that kyuhyun reminds me so much of him. speaking of kyuhyun..

4. I NOW HAVE MY SUJU TOP 5!!! here they are in no particular order. kind of.

KYUHYUN - i explained this already.
DONGHAE - for the hip thrusts. oh and because he's an orphan. and i am strangely attracted to boys i kinda feel sorry for and thus want to take care of.
HANGENG - becuase i loved him in the sorry, sorry video. with his shades. and his undone bowtie that dangles when he dances, just begging to be taken off. along with the rest of his clothes. oh and because he can't speak very good korean and that just make me go "awwwwww."

and i saved these two for last because i think they're my top 2 now:

EETEUK - because i am a sucker for dimples and his is just too cute. and his high-pitched laugh is crazy. and he's a goofball leader. and yeah just all-around awesome.
EUNHYUK - because he's the best dancer of the bunch. and he's hilarious. and he has PIMPTASTIC HAIR.

and i've been watching these two on sukira and they're insane. AND I LOVE THEIR SORRY, SORRY SPANISH MATADOR OUTFITS LIKE KYUHYUN LOVES JUMONG. WAY WAY TOO MUCH.

5. i also found out that i have SIWOPHOBIA: the irrational fear of siwon. i don't know man. he just scares me. maybe it's cause i'm a bad christian and i'm afraid he won't approve. maybe it's cause of his eyebrows. maybe it's cause he reminds me of that evil korean bad guy in that james bond film with the light blue eyes and the diamonds embedded in his face. i'm just really scared of him. my sister tried to cure me by showing me videos of adorable!siwon but i thought they were just creepy. i think i need professional help.

6. dbsk's paradise is such a makeout song. every time i hear it, i suddenly wish i was making out with someone. anyone. preferably an asian boy. oh! oh! and because of this, i am now determined to bag myself one of those. and everytime i pass by the smoking area in school where all the cute korean boys hang out with their brahs, i sing whatever song is playing in my ipod at that exact moment (which these days is just suju and dbsk) at the top of my lungs in the hopes that they would talk to me. because they'll think i know their language. or something.

7. i'm starting to feel guilty for neglecting arashi.
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1. i just joined a bunch of lj communities for shinee, dbsk and super junior. it's official. KOREA IS AWESOME.

2. my friend lianne and i are recent converts/addicts to kpop and we have gotten into the habit of calling it the dark side. becuase it is seductive. and evil. and very bad for you.

3. kyuhyun should stop staring at me. IN THOSE WAYFARERS. @_@

4. i think the reason i like kyuhyun so much is becuase he reminds me of matsuyama kenichi. and i loooove him. loved everything he's done. loved him in death note (pulled it off perfectly), sexy voice and robo (ITADAKIMAX!), and yes i even loved him when he played sawajiri erika's asshole of a sempai in one litre of tears. so i'm currently downloading Don't Laugh at My Romance. not only because he is playing an art student (which is what i am) but he is also playing a boy that is seduced by an older woman (which is what i also am) and this to me is exciting. i like younger boys. there i said it. as if it wasn't obvious already. so anyway, kyuhyun and kenichi: separated at birth?


okay mabe not. but cousins, surely.
5. i am posting a gazillion thoughts into this one long entry because i didn't have the luxury of time this week. as i basically sold my soul to school. but it doesn't give me love back. instead it gives me homework. piles. i had to do the cover design, layout, and CONTENTS OF TWO BOOKS AND ONE MAGAZINE. FROM SCRATCH. ALL THIS WEEK. (well they gave us the assignments before spring break. but you know, i was discovering the awesome that is suju over spring break so. yeah i didn't sleep this week.) oh and because i like to enumerate.

6. someone wrote somewhere (i am such a bad person) that akanishi jin thinks dbsk is cool. okay wait. i'm gonna go look for that article and repost it here. with proper credit. wait. okay here it is.[info]mihsayam posted this interview over at [info]dbsg  :

"Q: カラオケのシメの一曲、なににする?

A: 決まってない。 そんなときによって違う。リンキン・パークとか。 ねね、そういえば東方神起って知ってる? 俺、最近知ったんだけど。 日本語で歌ってるんだよね。すごくね? すごいよね。"

Q: When you go karaoke-ing, what song do you sing last?

Akanishi Jin: I can't really decide. It really depends on the time, sometimes its Linkin Park or some others. Hey, have you heard of Tohoshinki? I only got to know them recently. But I heard they actually sing in Japanese ne. It's really cool, right? Totally cool.

can you say plotbunny? which brings me to number

7. the folks over at [livejournal.com profile] helloyourself , which used to be a JE / Sweet Power (horikita maki & meisa kuroki) fic community, have also recently switched over to the dark side (DBSK in particular) and i think they're planning this celebratory turnover super fic in which jaejoon/yoochun/maki/meisa happens. and yamapi couldn't do anything to stop it because even he thinks that jaejoong is fucking cool. maybe i should tell them to put jin in there somewhere.

8. as i am a late bloomer in the world of dbsk, i only watched the wrong number pv like yesterday and. WHY DO I WANNA DO UNSPEAKABLE THINGS TO JAEJOONG IN THIS VIDEO? oh i know. because he is inebriated and lying on the carpet. CHANCE!!!

9. i just joined [livejournal.com profile] capslock_tvxq and apparently changmin's secret weapon is his cock.

i swear i loved him before i even knew that.

10. i feel a change in my layout coming. 
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being an arashi fangirl is pretty much a full time job so i rarely venture out of this fandom except for the ocassional "i-think-i-like-this-other-JE-group's-song/video/member" moment. i have, however, been listening to some kpop since last year (baited by the wondergirls but moved on to the boyzzz namely SHINEE and this year to DBSK c/o ayisse) and when there's one song i really like, i tend to research about the group more. i mean i don't obsess over them or anything (arashi is enough thank you very much) but i try to make it a point to at least know the names of each member. and it's pretty easy, especially if there are only five members in the group.

1. TAEMIN - best dancer, youngest, i love this boy so so much
2. MINHO - best looking, raps, my number 2
3. JONGHYUN - sings good, gets plenty of air time
4. ONEW - leader, sings good too
5. KEY - looks like a Vulcan

1. JAEJOONG - really hot
2. YOOCHUN - cute boy, ayisse loves him
3. CHANGMIN - youngest, i think i love you in the mirotic videooo mwah mwah mwah
4. JUNSU - awesome voice, great dancer
5. YUNHO - leader, raps

but when there are more than five, i start to have a hard time.

so i just spent the last THREE HOURS trying to memorize the names (and corresponding faces) of all THIRTEEN members of Super Junior. and yes, it's because of SORRY, SORRY. that song, man. it's insane. anyway, i'm listing all their names down here in lj so i won't forget. here we go.

1. KYUHYUN - MY LOVE, BEST SINGER, AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME. also: youngest (why do i always have to fall for the youngest??), was the one who sang a whole new world with charice pempengco in star king, and was the most badly-injured in that 2007 suju car accident, my poor poor baby
2. HEECHUL - used to look like a girl with long hair but recently got a haircut so now looks like Spock. i like him much better now. also: likes making out with his band mates
3. KIBUM - cute boy, ayisse loves him (hahaha i just realized that my descriptions for yoochun and kibum are the same)
4. SIWON - looks like luis manzano, also: jesus loves him
5. EUNHYUK - best dancer, looks like a cross between my friend tripy and kubozuka yosuke
6. HANKYUNG - only chinese member of the group, also looks like Spock but more pinoy somehow
7. DONG HAE - looks like a cross between my friend peydrow and ikuta toma and sometimes koike teppei
8. YESUNG - fat cheeks, less cute version of miyake ken
9. RYEOWOOK - little boy
10. EETEUK - lizard
11. KANGIN - the chubby one
12. SHINDONG - the fat one
13. SUNGMIN - the only one left by process of elimination (sorry)

i think i need a kpop icon. korea, what are you doing to me?

made a kyuhyun icon from a picture of him looking hot. wearing shades. and undressing. LOOK! 
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last night, my dreams of watching arashi with my sister (who is more of a korean pop culture fan and hence wasn't really a fan of arashi until i convinced her to come with me on this trip and now she's almost as big a fangirl as i am) on september 5 in tokyo have been shattered. curse you travelocity.com for suddenly doubling the price for airfare!!! bottomline: we didn't save up enough money. and we are really depressed because we've been planning for this trip for two months. our mom (who ridicules our love for arashi and everything japanese, our mom who rolls her eyes when she hears an arashi song from the computer or even when she hears anything resembling the japanese language on tv, our mom who is completely and utterly against us going to japan) even drove us to barnes and noble yesterday to buy a tokyo train/street map. we even learned a couple of useful phrases from a wonderful wonderful book called "MAKING OUT IN JAPANESE" for use just in case we hook up with a couple of idols during our stay there. we even researched about how to get to aiba's restaurant in chiba and we already know what were gonna order and what message we were gonna write on the "TO MASAKI-CHAN" guestbook.  two months of intensive planning and research down the drain. because we're poor. *forlorn*

so we decided to cheer ourselves up by listing down all the (lame) pros of not going to japan in september.

1. we could save up for next year's 10th anniversary concert. that way, we'd have more money to spend on concert goods and clothes and food and hotels and we could even save up for front row seats  for the concert. also we could extend our stay to two weeks instead of the 5-day trip we planned for september.

2. the concert on september is gonna be held outdoors. and aiba said in music station that he was worried about the night damp and the holes in the stage. we don't wanna  watch aiba slipping around on stage and falling into holes when we watch the concert. plus my sister wanted to watch matsujun moonwalk on the ceiling of tokyo dome or whatever the hell matsujun comes up with next that requires the use of some suspension cables and a ceiling. we don't wanna get wet in case it rains. we wanna watch fight song performed by arashi while bouncing around on bungee cords attached to the dome. we wanna watch arashi under a ceiling. period. so we are gonna wait for next year's concert.

3. we prefer straight-haired aiba (like in the truth pv) to curly aiba. and if we were gonna watch on september, aiba would still be in his curly phase so we are gonna wait for next year's concert.

 4. the chances of them performing the song A.Ra.Shi is higher next year because it will be their tenth anniversary and surely their debut song would be included on the song list. so we're gonna wait for next year's concert.

5. we could learn more useful phrases from "Making Out in Japanese" for use  just in case we hook up with a couple of idols during our stay there.  

we couldn't think of any more reasons. all of the ones we gave are pretty lame anyway. we were just trying to cheer ourselves up. and it wasn't really working. and we knew it. so we decided to just cry our pathetic selves to sleep.

before i turned in for the night, i watched arashi's music lover performance of the song "Oh Yeah" which, until Truth came out, was my favorite arashi song ever. and i remembered how this morning when my sister and i were watching the real-time performance on keyhole, we were waving our hands in the air like the fangirls in the audience and we were saying how in a couple of weeks we would be doing this in an actual arashi concert. and it broke my heart that we weren't going. and i didn't even have the energy to finish the song. i just turned off the computer and sobbed.

i am so sad. :'(
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1. i just saw tonight's himitsu no arashi-chan on TVU. bwahahaha it was so funny. even if i didn't understand half of what they were saying. nino's "hai~ CUT!" was precious. gaaah. i love nino.

2. then i accidentally caught the last half of the LAST FRIENDS SP when i changed the channel from TBS to Fuji Terebi. i didn't even know it was showing today. gaaaah. i love eita. oh and they showed ads for CODE BLUE cause it's gonna take over LF's time slot. gaaaah. i love yamapi.

3. family drama, laziness. paranoia. running away from real life. self-awareness. this week so far has been lousy.

4. got this meme from [profile] goldengutgirl   


5. go read nino's latest game nikki entry. he talks about how tegoshi is so kawaii and how massu is ...... a really nice guy. hahahahaha. i couldn't stop laughing at this one. it's filled with tegomassu love. who would've thunk it?

Nino loves Tegomassu...♥ cause he puts a heart after their name

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must organize thoughts.


number 1:



i therefore conclude that you read my entry about the ONE LOVE PV, took all the valuable pointers you could get and applied them effectively.


number two:

i'm sure everyone has heard about ohmiya coming out of the closet. this got me really depressed because

a. that means nino is taken (so there goes my chances of marrying him)

b. that means nino likes boys (so there goes my chances of marrying him)

i'm just really sad because i had this grand plan of moving to japan in 3 years and working at JE and kidnapping nino. what am i gonna do with my life now? T_T

number three:

now even ohno is talking about "that perfect lips to lips KISS." IN HIS BLOG.

head on over to [livejournal.com profile] sweathoneyeah and add her cause arashi blog entries are friends only.

or if you're already friends with her,


i guess i'm just gonna have to be happy for them huh? at least there's still aiba.

EDIT: (roughly 12 hours later)

number fucking four:

i just saw a GIMMICK GAME FANCAM. and holy fuck i don't care if nino IS gay. i still WANT to do him. ALD:FGJADLFK:GJSDFL:KGHA:DKFJHGS:ADKFJGALDFKJGA


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dear fellow filipinos, today we celebrate our independence day. and so to show my ONE LOVE for my country, i went and watched the ONE LOVE PV . whut.

and i'm sorry. i've been watching it over and over since i got up an hour ago and it just.. i don't know. the song itself is okay, but the video is.. hmmm i'm just gonna say how i feel. cause it's bad to keep things bottled up so.


congratulations to him. his voice wasn't that bad. it wasn't like fingernails on a chalkboard at all. so yay!! i'm so happy for him! however, his smiling kinda scared me at some points. there were bits where he looked like he was annoyed, but being the professional that he is, he just smiled a smile that said "i'm gonna get you after this shoot, you incompetent imbecile. just you wait." however, i so love him for those precious aibajun moments in the middle. that part single-handedly saved this video for me.

2. SHO

sho seemed like he didn't know what to do with his hands. i mean off the top of my head i could think of a couple of places where he could've put his hands and it wouldn't have looked awkward at all. but japan probably isn't ready for that yet. however, sho was happy. did you get how HAPPY he was? poor guy, his face must have hurt after all that smiling.


if this video were a contest, ohno would have won best in show. no weird faces or funny hand gestures. i loved him in this video because he looked so genuine. good job good job.


2nd place to ohno (only because ohno has the better voice) i love this boy. he just looked perfect. and on top of a wedding cake too. mmmmm..


i don't even know where to start. nino looked positively BORED in this video. he looked straight at the camera only twice. the first time was for a couple of seconds (first chorus) and the second time was just a split second (2nd chorus). i understand though. i wouldn't be able to look people straight in the eye too if i were made to wear THOSE SHORTS. with THOSE UGLY BROWN SHOES. i mean the whole ensemble was just.. ugh. but don't worry nino. i still love you more than any of your better-dressed band mates.

come on stylists. don't you know by now that only aiba can pull off wearing shorts? mmmmm.. aiba in shorts...

overall, this video didn't have as much of an impact on me as the HAPPINESS PV did. where they looked like they were just having the best fun. or even the STEP AND GO PV. those colors!!! it was just a really good shoot. even if nino was wearing that horrendous cape thing.

i absolutely love the middle of it though. aibajun. mmmmm...


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