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May. 19th, 2010 07:25 pm
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i would like to thank everyone who wished me luck. you guys are awesome. :D

so now that i am back on lj, let me just share my thoughts on everything that's been going on. and since i'm lagging behind everyone, i will try to keep this short.

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so yeah. i'll be off the grid for a couple days as i will be travelling halfway across the globe to spend two months of intense partying with my best friends in the entire universe. oh and [livejournal.com profile] goldengutgirl i will see you in a couple days!!!
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(proper flailing about the bonamana video in a couple of days but basically KYUHYUN FUCK ALSDKJFHALDF AND SUNGMIN ALSO GDI)


May. 1st, 2010 11:49 am
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i probably should have posted this a while ago since i have been a useless friend on lj the past couple weeks but.

so i hope you understand.

i will be on


for the next two weeks.
i graduate on may 21st.
then i will hop on a manila-bound plane sometime after that.
then i will party for two months straight.
then i will come back to new york and look for work like a responsible adult.

hopefully i will be less useless in a couple of weeks.
so until then, have a picture of me playing with an iPad in the apple store on 5th avenue.

and yes, that is onew singing "Yoogeun Gone"
hands down my favorite scene in Hello, Baby everrrr.
i miss that show sfm. :(
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[livejournal.com profile] biffyhouse  you are awesome.


Apr. 17th, 2010 10:49 pm
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dear brand new friends from the friending meme:

[livejournal.com profile] sutekirainbow , [livejournal.com profile] happymint , [livejournal.com profile] kimchislurpie03 , [livejournal.com profile] cherry_kokoro , [livejournal.com profile] nothingawesome , [livejournal.com profile] jenna_lovesyou , [livejournal.com profile] asianized_x , [livejournal.com profile] yeonga , [livejournal.com profile] fukarenys , [livejournal.com profile] signorpompelmo , [livejournal.com profile] xkimchi_ninja , [livejournal.com profile] meow_bunny , [livejournal.com profile] blingasaurus , [livejournal.com profile] flashbacku , [livejournal.com profile] sanselle , [livejournal.com profile] yearofus , [livejournal.com profile] sol_tama , [livejournal.com profile] alphanomical , [livejournal.com profile] jeniski , [livejournal.com profile] linouuu , [livejournal.com profile] biffyhouse , [livejournal.com profile] annabel92 , [livejournal.com profile] chick_mik , [livejournal.com profile] lovefizz ,  and whomever else i end up adding,


okay, ummm. this is the part where i should be directing you guys to an intro post but i have yet to make one so. just know that i flail (and curse excessively) about shinee and super junior most of the time. with the occasional arashi or jdrama post here and there. but i love practically everyone in kpop so. yeah. i'm looking forward to flailing with all of you! i love you all already!
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i don't think i've declared this publicly but:


and it's not just cause they both look good and are obviously super talented, and therefore their spawn would just be these ridiculously attractive superhuman idol babies. it's that they have history together. and that counts for a lot in a real life relationship. and it kills me. and it's cute.

and look at the picture!!! it looks like the cover for manga about this shy boy who's really sweet and sings good and this free-spirited girl who's really loud and has sick dance skillz and how they're an unlikely pair who fall in love despite all their differences. ONLY, IT'S NOT MANGA. IT'S REAL LIFE.

so yeah. they are obviously MFEO.

/still waiting for the comeback, guys. come on. april's almost half done.


in other news, i am seriously addicted to LEE HYO RIZZLE. the new album is sick. Bring It Back is hands down my favorite track because BEKAH and JI YOON, two of the most badass ladiez in kpop, are in it. but also i love how it fuses rock and hip-hop together into an awesome awesome track of grrrl power. and then the track is followed by Highlight which is another song that gets me off my ass and makes me work it. this album is not helping me get any homework done! it's helping me burn off some calories though, which is good. oh and i also adore the track with Daesung in it. it is BEAUTIFUL. and not just because it resampled Annie Lennox. even if to me, that is reason enough. 
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This makes me unbelievably happy for some reason. T_______T

why are these two boys so precious?

also, it is always so jarring to me how homg TALL key is compared to jjong.

i want my shinee comeback and i want it now!
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why is this the most awesome gif ever you ask? because:

onew (duh) + GLASSES + dancing + young boy with OLDER WOMAN

i love these four things separately but all of them together? in one fantastic gif?

oh hello brain. i see you splattered all across my bedroom wall and i totally understand why that happened.

plus, SUAVE-AS-FUCK!ONEW is how i've always imagined him in my head so. PROOF!

ugh i can't even process this right now. WHY IS HE SO PERFECT???

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i've always had a major thing for boys in glasses.

it could be because when i was growing up, glasses meant that you were either smart or a geek or both, and i always preferred smart/geeky boys to cute ones. it could be because of the fact that poor eyesight is a physical handicap and it activates my desire to protect someone weaker than myself. it could be because i've always liked the mental image of taking off a boy's glasses before proceeding to make out with his face.

all i know is it has turned into a full-blown fetish. like seriously. it's unhealthy.

so anyway:

yeah. so um. i'm just gonna be in my bunk.

(but not really cause i'm at school fml)
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so i survived the first week back from spring break. i was behind in four out of my seven classes becuase i was slacking off during spring break instead of doing homework. but i'm caught up now i think. because my cramming powers are superb.

here are the three things that made me spazz this week:

number 1:

SOOOOO BEAST! they won. and they cried. it was gloooorious.

number 2:

AFTER SCHOOL UP! so i kind of have a thing for this group. for quite some time now actually. it started with amoled. and it's been growing steadily since then. but today, man, i realized that i think i love them. they have stolen my heart because they did the drum line. AND I LOVE GOOD PERCUSSIONS OKAY?? plus their comeback performance was stunning perfect flawless etc etc. everyone looked gorgeous. i liked that they all have brown/black hair now. they danced awesomely. their costumes were hot. i loved everything.

number 3:


guuuuh. i didn't really care that much for jonghyun before hello baby. but watching that show actually made him more likable for me. i could go all crazy meta on this shit but i think i'm gonna spare you. basically, i really really really like him now. like insanely.

and look at that fucking beautiful hair. with that trademark smirk. it's doing things to me.

i mean, i really loved his ring ding dong blondeness. that hair was a work of fucking art, you guys. with its flippiness and its gradients. it was amaaaazing. but there's something about ~new~ hairstyles that always makes me spazz. and come on, look at that face. he knows, man. he knows.

oh the adjectives i've used in this post. fandom has made me more eloquent methinks.
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i'm really sad because today was the final episode of arashi no shukudai-kun. EVER.

they were on air for 8 years!!! granted, they kept changing the name and the format of the show. but it was the same show with the same 5 people hosting/doing stupid things and the same production crew. FOR 8 YEARS.

and now it's over. it's depressing.

so to cheer myself up, i opened my sketchbook. and i saw onew's smile. and that was the end of that.

(goodbye ANS. i will miss you forever.)

please to be checking out said picture of onew's smile so you can cheer up too! erm, not that you need cheering up. yeah. DO IT!

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omg i am so hooked on them right now it's not even funny.

on a related note, it's the day before end of spring break and here are the things i've accomplished (compare to previous post's to-do list and feel free to laugh at my face):

1. cleaned my apartment and even did laundry! yay!

2. watched all yunhanam episodes. and school of rock. and about 80% of all shinee videos on youtube. i still have flower boy generation left.

3. new onew icon. yay! and new onew layout. check it out! [livejournal.com profile] jumper_on  and while you're at it, you should also check out my profile for awesome onew gif of sexy. okay no i am not obsessed.

4. wrote shinee fic. yeah, i don't even.

5. made onew fanart!!! well, i just drew him. nothing original or cute or fantastic about it or anything. but staring at him for extended periods of time in order to capture his perfection on pencil and paper was definitely not a waste of precious spring break hours.

6. absolutely zero percent of all the homework i need done for next week.

and i don't care! shinee is coming back in april! i'm so excited! it actually makes me want to leave my apartment and enjoy the lovely weather outside! it's 70 degrees!!!

okay, um, i'm gonna go now before i change my mind. shinee gaaaaah!

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it is officially


and although i am spending the entire week either on youtube fangirling in my apartment or working in the school's computer lab (which is thankfully open and oh joy it shall be really quiet this week because i will be the only one there as everyone is off to cancun) because i am a huge nerd need to catch up on homework, i am still very excited because the possibilities of this week are endless.

okay maybe not endless, but i am looking forward to getting a shitload of stuff done, which i will list down here because i have no organization skills to speak of and i spend most of my time on lj anyway:

1. clean my apartment because it has been overrun by giant cardboard heads, rolls of hastily designed posters and their slightly better revised versions, huge amounts of prints from my letterpress and photolitography classes, blocks of carved wood from my woodcut printing class, enormous screens for my silkscreen class, etc etc. i'm starting to have a difficult time finding  t-shirts/sneakers/my dignity under all this mess. good thing i'm GRADUATING IN MAY. UGH I CAN'T WAIT.

2. homework (please move on to next number):
    a. history of graphic design -- typographic poster for my organic food manifesto (75% done)
    b. logos class -- 200 logo studies for a concert (50% done)
    c. graphic design 3 -- website for public intervention project (0% done)
    d. portfolio class -- series of 3 posters for a film festival (25% done)
    e. processing -- programming code for an image-driven interactive sketch (done woohoo!!!!)
    f. woodcut/letterpress class -- layout design and illustrations for my rhyming ninja book (0%done)
    g. silkscreen class -- 5 bags and 5 t-shirts printed (done and done)

3. new lj layout and icons! preferably with onew/onkey/onkeyhyun on them. because shinee. come on.

4. watch all the shinee videos on youtube.

5. catch up on drama: bloody monday 2, iris, tokujo kabachi, skins, etc

okay obviously all this cannot be done in a week. but i'm already starting on number one and i'm feeling real good about my chances.
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dear drama gods, why do you love me so?

(oh hello there old and barely used tags. nice to see you again)
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here's something to cheer you up/make you forget/distract you for a  couple seconds.

it's JJONG on Why They're Hot and it's one of the best ones in my opinion.

you've probably seen this already but i think it's good to be reminded of the awesome things in life (JJONG) when sucky stuff (2PM) is happening.

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basically, kpop = drama. sure, the music is slightly/absolutely better than jpop. and the clothes are way awesomer. and don't even get me started about the dancing (aces, man). but sometimes you just can't handle how seriously they take themselves in that country.

then one day you wake up and see this:

and you just wish that all your kpop groups were this uncomplicated. this drama-less. this fun. or that they'd last TEN YEARS TOGETHER in the industry without trying to kill their group/their friendships/their contracts/each other. 

and this is why no matter how shiny and brilliant kpop is, i still keep on coming back to these five. forever.

and also, because nino is such a bitch and i adore him to tiny little snarky bits. until the end of time, basically.
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these days the only perfs i watch on the music shows are snsd's and cn blue's so i was starting to crave new songs.

i keep seeing u-kiss news on my flist and i don't really know them so i was kind of curious what the hype was about. and so fiiiiiiine i watched u-kiss' bingeul bingeul a couple days ago. and i didn't really like it. i even stopped the video halfway through.

the next day, i was working on my school's letterpress for 4 hours and that entire time, i was humming that same song over and over. AFTER WATCHING IT ONE TIME. i was even doing the dance moves in front of the fucking letterpress. people were starting to worry about me.

what crazy voodoo is this? they must have recorded secret subliminal messages into the record or something. like "YOU WILL NEVER GET ME OUT OF YOUR HEAD" or "DANCE, NIÑA, DANCE."

am i totally alone in this?

(i like the girly boy who looks like hirosue ryoko. the one who sings "i just want you baby here right now" in perfect english. and yes it's because his face and the fierceness with which he flips his hair kind of remind me of KEY. oh god SHINEE needs to come back right now :c)


speaking of shinee, ONEW IN A MUSICAL. WITH A KISS SCENE.

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okay so i finished watching you're beautiful like weeks ago but [livejournal.com profile] jadenmd just finished and she was saying who she loved the most and why. and i'm not saying her choice is wrong because come on, all three of them were cute. but i just feel very very strongly about this so i'm going to repost what i told her. because i just woke up and i read her post and she got me flailing and i know it's too early for flailing but i'm doing it anyway.

okay now i'm gonna tell you why i love jeremy. because even if he (unknowingly) never had a chance with minam, he always wore his heart on his sleeve. he gets FURIOUS, ECSTATIC, and feels everything to the highest extent and he always shows his feelings. and he loved to the fullest with his whole entire heart. and that's why it hurt so much to watch him sing that song to her in that last bus ride. and gaaah i was crying so much when he told her that when they get off the bus that everything would turn back to normal and he'd be happy bouncy jeremy again. and he did it and he was bouncy jeremy but still with tears in his eyes and huhuhuhu. that whole bus scene was the single most heart-wrenching scene in that entire series. it broke my heart. :( everything after that just paled in comparison. i felt like it was all downhill from that scene because of course she ends up with taekyung and of course shinwoo gets dumped but we already knew that from the beginning. jeremy's scenes were totally unexpected and unpredictable and gaah i'm sorry i'm rambling.

i liked shinwoo at first because of all the things he did for minam and because he was like the hanazawa rui character. but jeremy won me over with his bus rides and his dog and his overall AWESOME.

and taekyung's cute. i loved jang geun suk since beethoven virus and baby&me but JEREMY, man. ugh okay i'll stop now.
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you're perfect dazzling adorable etc
and you're the reason i got into kpop
so yay for you and all that

but more importantly,




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