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school started and i'm registered for too many classes and i'm stressed most of the time so i won't be able to go on lj much. not that i was updating regularly anyway (oh and there's this photo meme that's pretty old now but i was tagged by [livejournal.com profile] papyong  to do donghae and by [livejournal.com profile] miharudesu  to do GD and by my sister to do sungmin and I really wanna do this but I don't know when I'm gonna have the free time enough to actually sit down and sift through my photo folders which are taking up way more space in my laptop than is considered sane). but here are the things that made me feel good  this week.

arashi's anniversary is making me all warm and fuzzy in my stomach. even if i won't be able to see them live ever this year. even if nino's hair is three kinds of horrible. even if i haven't been keeping myself updated on them much. a chunk of my heart belongs to them and i don't think that will ever change. oh and aiba's winter drama! am so excahted.

eeteuk's arms and angel wing sneakers on sukira.

amber. and victoria song's bendy ways.

super junior h. best subgroup everrrrr.

watching snsd on intimate note.

jaechun's melody and harmony (which i love love love love love). ~*~yoochun~*~ in the mv <3

and this:

lee seunggi in a storefront window <3

the great thing about new york is whenever you feel sad or stressed, you could always swing by 32nd street and bask in the glory of Ktown. and place an advanced order for 13 pairs of super junior socks. :3
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belated happy birthday leeteuk!

but more importantly,


i wanna hold your hand. :(
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specific discussion points:
1. eeteuk
2. donghae



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1. i just trudged through 480 BACK ENTRIES on my flist. and i started 8 HOURS AGO. i will never ignore lj for a whole week because i wanna focus on schoolwork ever again.

2. i had to go to chelsea today for an assignment and i swear this school goes out of its way to annoy me. because it was raining. and the building i had to go to was seven million blocks from the subway station. and just. i don't like getting my sneakers wet. so anyway i went and on the way i pass by this tiny little movie house in the middle of fuck knows where and i see this:

and suddenly it wasn't so bad anymore. i know it's an old movie but just seeing him suddenly out in the middle of nowhere when i was having such a crapfest of a day made me squeal and take fangirl cellphone pics of a poster i've seen a gajmillion times before. idek. speaking of L..

3. i haven't seen a single episode of zenigaba and that makes me a very bad fan. but i did see "don't laugh at my romance" and that movie pretty much confirmed the suspicions i've been having this past week: i think i'm in love with matsuyama kenichi (i mean i loved him before this but that was more of an "i think you're a good actor and i love your work" type of love and now it's more of the "i wanna have your babies" variety) and i'm 87% sure that it had to do with the fact that kyuhyun reminds me so much of him. speaking of kyuhyun..

4. I NOW HAVE MY SUJU TOP 5!!! here they are in no particular order. kind of.

KYUHYUN - i explained this already.
DONGHAE - for the hip thrusts. oh and because he's an orphan. and i am strangely attracted to boys i kinda feel sorry for and thus want to take care of.
HANGENG - becuase i loved him in the sorry, sorry video. with his shades. and his undone bowtie that dangles when he dances, just begging to be taken off. along with the rest of his clothes. oh and because he can't speak very good korean and that just make me go "awwwwww."

and i saved these two for last because i think they're my top 2 now:

EETEUK - because i am a sucker for dimples and his is just too cute. and his high-pitched laugh is crazy. and he's a goofball leader. and yeah just all-around awesome.
EUNHYUK - because he's the best dancer of the bunch. and he's hilarious. and he has PIMPTASTIC HAIR.

and i've been watching these two on sukira and they're insane. AND I LOVE THEIR SORRY, SORRY SPANISH MATADOR OUTFITS LIKE KYUHYUN LOVES JUMONG. WAY WAY TOO MUCH.

5. i also found out that i have SIWOPHOBIA: the irrational fear of siwon. i don't know man. he just scares me. maybe it's cause i'm a bad christian and i'm afraid he won't approve. maybe it's cause of his eyebrows. maybe it's cause he reminds me of that evil korean bad guy in that james bond film with the light blue eyes and the diamonds embedded in his face. i'm just really scared of him. my sister tried to cure me by showing me videos of adorable!siwon but i thought they were just creepy. i think i need professional help.

6. dbsk's paradise is such a makeout song. every time i hear it, i suddenly wish i was making out with someone. anyone. preferably an asian boy. oh! oh! and because of this, i am now determined to bag myself one of those. and everytime i pass by the smoking area in school where all the cute korean boys hang out with their brahs, i sing whatever song is playing in my ipod at that exact moment (which these days is just suju and dbsk) at the top of my lungs in the hopes that they would talk to me. because they'll think i know their language. or something.

7. i'm starting to feel guilty for neglecting arashi.


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