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i gotta say i had my doubts about this drama. i thought it was gonna be cheesy. but it's really really good. i didn't expect to like it this much.

OHNO OH MY GOD. you've always been my least favorite arashi member but. i think i love you. naruse! so much tragic! it's just really really good acting. gaaaaah. and nino was there for like two seconds. what? therefore, he's gotta be in the next few episodes too. i hope. haha.

AND TRUTH! i can't even begin to describe how much i adore this song. okay i can. this is the first time i heard this song and already it has surpassed one love (which was taking its sweet time climbing my personal "new song love" chart). it's kinda dark but not too dark for arashi. the pre-chorus is just so clever. does anyone know if this song can be downloaded anywhere? it's just a really really good song. and i NEED it.

gaaaah. GAAAAAAAH!!!

okay i'll go have breakfast now.
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1. i just saw tonight's himitsu no arashi-chan on TVU. bwahahaha it was so funny. even if i didn't understand half of what they were saying. nino's "hai~ CUT!" was precious. gaaah. i love nino.

2. then i accidentally caught the last half of the LAST FRIENDS SP when i changed the channel from TBS to Fuji Terebi. i didn't even know it was showing today. gaaaah. i love eita. oh and they showed ads for CODE BLUE cause it's gonna take over LF's time slot. gaaaah. i love yamapi.

3. family drama, laziness. paranoia. running away from real life. self-awareness. this week so far has been lousy.

4. got this meme from [profile] goldengutgirl   


5. go read nino's latest game nikki entry. he talks about how tegoshi is so kawaii and how massu is ...... a really nice guy. hahahahaha. i couldn't stop laughing at this one. it's filled with tegomassu love. who would've thunk it?

Nino loves Tegomassu...♥ cause he puts a heart after their name



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