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jumper_on ([personal profile] jumper_on) wrote2010-02-27 12:00 pm

uncomplicated drama-less fun

basically, kpop = drama. sure, the music is slightly/absolutely better than jpop. and the clothes are way awesomer. and don't even get me started about the dancing (aces, man). but sometimes you just can't handle how seriously they take themselves in that country.

then one day you wake up and see this:

and you just wish that all your kpop groups were this uncomplicated. this drama-less. this fun. or that they'd last TEN YEARS TOGETHER in the industry without trying to kill their group/their friendships/their contracts/each other. 

and this is why no matter how shiny and brilliant kpop is, i still keep on coming back to these five. forever.

and also, because nino is such a bitch and i adore him to tiny little snarky bits. until the end of time, basically.

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