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basically, kpop = drama. sure, the music is slightly/absolutely better than jpop. and the clothes are way awesomer. and don't even get me started about the dancing (aces, man). but sometimes you just can't handle how seriously they take themselves in that country.

then one day you wake up and see this:

and you just wish that all your kpop groups were this uncomplicated. this drama-less. this fun. or that they'd last TEN YEARS TOGETHER in the industry without trying to kill their group/their friendships/their contracts/each other. 

and this is why no matter how shiny and brilliant kpop is, i still keep on coming back to these five. forever.

and also, because nino is such a bitch and i adore him to tiny little snarky bits. until the end of time, basically.
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i know nobody on my flist would probably care about this but:

HONGO KANATA is going to be in the live action adaptation of Gantz with NINO and MATSUKEN.

my 3 boys! together in a movie?! i could die tomorrow after i see Gantz.
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i can't believe it's been a year since THIS. oh how time flies.
happy birthday, you. you will always have a special place in my heart.

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1. so i wanted to make up to JAPAN for neglecting it for the past few weeks and i went to kinokuniya yesterday. and who do i see on the covers of the music magazines? DBfSK. then i went to the counter to look at all the announcements and free postcards they have lying around and what do i see there? a postcard that says JAPAN AND KOREA UNITED and it's an announcement for like monthly meetings of japanese and korean people for friendship or something. i swear even japan is pimping korea now.

i went to the manga section so i could get away from korea for a couple of seconds and focus. and i'm sooooooo glad i did because that's where i found (and 2 seconds later, bought) this:

there are probably HQ scans of this photobook floating around but i took some pics with my cellphone anyway. because of the cuteness. and because i spent waaay too much on this than is reasonable and i don't care because it's matsuken and i wanted to show this to someone. sorry.

death note is sooooo three years ago. so why am i suddenly willing to shell out for ancient overpriced merchandise? it's a mystery.

2. in other news, arashi! new single!! yay!!! also, nino is starring in another drama SP. i'm so happy he's not playing another retard. and he's playing inoue mao's husband. how ever are the junxmao fangirls gonna react? bring on the fanfics.

3. my sister visits me every weekend so we could walk around the city and eat at every japanese restaurant we could find. and we read in a magazine that there's this one store that serves really good omurice so we went and looked for it last weekend. the following conversation takes place while i was looking at the subway map trying to figure out the best route to get there:

me: we could take any train on the red line, get off at this stop, then switch to any train on the....
sister: what? any train on the what?
me: the purple line.... I GOTTA INTRODUCE MYSELF.

then we started laughing and people were looking and yeah. that was a good day.

4. speaking of purple line, i always thought that was a funny song. ever since the first time i heard yoochun say "i really wanna touch myself" when ayisse made me listen to it in her car. but because of this remix, my views on this song are slowly changing:

i still think purple line is a funny song but why have i had this video on loop for the past hour? this remix somehow made me pay attention to yoochun's voice and i find that i like the quality of it better than jj's now. it's more manly. and a bit husky. and i like that.

5. speaking of yoochun, i think i love him now. i've always liked jaejoong because my sister showed me the balloons video a long time ago (yes) and then recently changmin because i thought he was extra hot in the mirotic video. but this week yoochun somehow ninja-ed his way onto the top. and i think it happened when they were guests on ontama and they were asked to sing lines from songs that started with each syllable of the words secret code (shi-ku-re-tsu-to ko-do in japanese). jj was serious about it and sang really good lines from songs but whenever they hit tough spots, yoochun takes over and wins my heart. for the syllable KU, yoochun goes "ku-gun, ku-gun" like the sound you hear when the shark stalks swimming humans in the jaws movies. then when they get to the syllable TO, yoochun starts singing "tonyo tonyo tonyo sakana no ko" you know like the studio ghibli film except that was PONYO. so yeah that's the reason why i love yoochun now. oh and because he has tattoos.

6. speaking of tattoos, jaejoong's are hot as well. and in grammatically correct english too. unlike a certain suju member i know who had "actions are more PRECTION than words" tattooed on his back. yes kangin, i'm talking about you. you would have been better off tattooing "korean number 1 handsome guy" on yourself. at least even if it's not true, all those words exist in the english language. prection. honestly.

7. speaking of korean handsome guys, let's talk about dong hae for a sec and how his charisma has gotten him parts in other artists' music videos: BoA's Key of Heart and SNSD's Kissing You. i love how in korea musicians often collaborate with other musicians in songs and videos even if they're not from the same management (wonderboys and wonderbang lol) and i rarely ever see that happen in japan and dong hae why are you so cute flirting with all nine members of SNSD and getting killed in a motorcycle accident on the way to BoA's gig??? sigh i love video whores. and collabs. which brings me to number 8 and i swear i've been postponing talking about them because of the sheer monumentality of the task but here i go anyway:


hmmm.. i think i'm gonna postpone after all. my brain turns to mush when i think about big bang. more specifically, TOP. oh god, i think i'm gonna go change my underwear now. i'll talk about this burning hotness of a man next week. in the meantime, i leave you with this. because masamixes.com is GENIUS.

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i just found a clip from the NEWS Pacific concert. And nino and sho were there during the mc.

Okay my japanese is rusty but i think nino said that he liked tego the best. then he hid behind ryo. then he proceeded to kiss ryo's shoulder (he was wearing a sleeveless shirt so his skin was exposed and i guess nino couldn't resist). he kissed it twice. and i know he wanted to kiss it three times but ryo pulled away so nino ended up kissing air.

oh fandom. how i love thee.

now if someone could just explain to me what they were actually saying.. 
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got this from [personal profile] night_inscriber .

There's First Love, and There's Nino Love.

Enter a word for your own slogan:

Generated by the Advertising Slogan Generator. Get more nino slogans.

how true.

Choosy mothers choose Aiba.

Enter a word for your own slogan:

Generated by the Advertising Slogan Generator. Get more aiba slogans.



Jul. 17th, 2008 10:36 pm
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autumn drama.

ninomiya kazunari.

nishikido ryo.

someone pinch me please.
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i gotta say i had my doubts about this drama. i thought it was gonna be cheesy. but it's really really good. i didn't expect to like it this much.

OHNO OH MY GOD. you've always been my least favorite arashi member but. i think i love you. naruse! so much tragic! it's just really really good acting. gaaaaah. and nino was there for like two seconds. what? therefore, he's gotta be in the next few episodes too. i hope. haha.

AND TRUTH! i can't even begin to describe how much i adore this song. okay i can. this is the first time i heard this song and already it has surpassed one love (which was taking its sweet time climbing my personal "new song love" chart). it's kinda dark but not too dark for arashi. the pre-chorus is just so clever. does anyone know if this song can be downloaded anywhere? it's just a really really good song. and i NEED it.

gaaaah. GAAAAAAAH!!!

okay i'll go have breakfast now.
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1. i just saw tonight's himitsu no arashi-chan on TVU. bwahahaha it was so funny. even if i didn't understand half of what they were saying. nino's "hai~ CUT!" was precious. gaaah. i love nino.

2. then i accidentally caught the last half of the LAST FRIENDS SP when i changed the channel from TBS to Fuji Terebi. i didn't even know it was showing today. gaaaah. i love eita. oh and they showed ads for CODE BLUE cause it's gonna take over LF's time slot. gaaaah. i love yamapi.

3. family drama, laziness. paranoia. running away from real life. self-awareness. this week so far has been lousy.

4. got this meme from [profile] goldengutgirl   


5. go read nino's latest game nikki entry. he talks about how tegoshi is so kawaii and how massu is ...... a really nice guy. hahahahaha. i couldn't stop laughing at this one. it's filled with tegomassu love. who would've thunk it?

Nino loves Tegomassu...♥ cause he puts a heart after their name

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must organize thoughts.


number 1:



i therefore conclude that you read my entry about the ONE LOVE PV, took all the valuable pointers you could get and applied them effectively.


number two:

i'm sure everyone has heard about ohmiya coming out of the closet. this got me really depressed because

a. that means nino is taken (so there goes my chances of marrying him)

b. that means nino likes boys (so there goes my chances of marrying him)

i'm just really sad because i had this grand plan of moving to japan in 3 years and working at JE and kidnapping nino. what am i gonna do with my life now? T_T

number three:

now even ohno is talking about "that perfect lips to lips KISS." IN HIS BLOG.

head on over to [livejournal.com profile] sweathoneyeah and add her cause arashi blog entries are friends only.

or if you're already friends with her,


i guess i'm just gonna have to be happy for them huh? at least there's still aiba.

EDIT: (roughly 12 hours later)

number fucking four:

i just saw a GIMMICK GAME FANCAM. and holy fuck i don't care if nino IS gay. i still WANT to do him. ALD:FGJADLFK:GJSDFL:KGHA:DKFJHGS:ADKFJGALDFKJGA


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last night my love for nino reached record heights. i was just overwhelmed (as is evident in my previous entry). no words. thoughts all over the place. just complete brain meltdown. so i decided to sleep it off. had a great dream about nino (rated nc-17 for language and semi-nudity) while listening to some choice Sublime tunes (my dreams often have an OST). and when i woke up, i wrote this poem. idek.

a love poem for ninomiya kazunari

ninomiya kazunari
what a lovely name
your talent is just legendary
hence the wealth and fame

i've heard you sing, i've seen you dance
your dramas make me weep
i love that when you get the chance
you quickly fall asleep

why do you look younger than your peers?
some anti-aging gene?
cause even though it has been eight years
you still look seventeen

some girls say you can't make them swoon
don't listen to that lot
cause even if you're not matsujun
to me, you're so much hot

your eyes are like hot chocolate
deep pools so dark and sweet
your gaze just melts my delicates
you sure turn up the heat

i'd love for us to sit and chat
and make out to Sublime
i wish i was the DS that
you play with all the time

i love you for your burger hands
they play a mean guitar
so out of all the johnny's bands
arashi wins by far

snark is a part of your routine
sarcasm is your game
but even when you're downright mean
i love you just the same

so celebrate, you little brat
today you're twenty-five
you're such a major reason that
i'm  happy i'm alive

i know it's already the 18th in japan by the time i post this so technically nino's birthday is over. but it's still the 17th in my corner of the world so let's just let this one slide, okay? XD


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i don't even know what to say. just. i love you. seriously. happy birthday.

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dear fellow filipinos, today we celebrate our independence day. and so to show my ONE LOVE for my country, i went and watched the ONE LOVE PV . whut.

and i'm sorry. i've been watching it over and over since i got up an hour ago and it just.. i don't know. the song itself is okay, but the video is.. hmmm i'm just gonna say how i feel. cause it's bad to keep things bottled up so.


congratulations to him. his voice wasn't that bad. it wasn't like fingernails on a chalkboard at all. so yay!! i'm so happy for him! however, his smiling kinda scared me at some points. there were bits where he looked like he was annoyed, but being the professional that he is, he just smiled a smile that said "i'm gonna get you after this shoot, you incompetent imbecile. just you wait." however, i so love him for those precious aibajun moments in the middle. that part single-handedly saved this video for me.

2. SHO

sho seemed like he didn't know what to do with his hands. i mean off the top of my head i could think of a couple of places where he could've put his hands and it wouldn't have looked awkward at all. but japan probably isn't ready for that yet. however, sho was happy. did you get how HAPPY he was? poor guy, his face must have hurt after all that smiling.


if this video were a contest, ohno would have won best in show. no weird faces or funny hand gestures. i loved him in this video because he looked so genuine. good job good job.


2nd place to ohno (only because ohno has the better voice) i love this boy. he just looked perfect. and on top of a wedding cake too. mmmmm..


i don't even know where to start. nino looked positively BORED in this video. he looked straight at the camera only twice. the first time was for a couple of seconds (first chorus) and the second time was just a split second (2nd chorus). i understand though. i wouldn't be able to look people straight in the eye too if i were made to wear THOSE SHORTS. with THOSE UGLY BROWN SHOES. i mean the whole ensemble was just.. ugh. but don't worry nino. i still love you more than any of your better-dressed band mates.

come on stylists. don't you know by now that only aiba can pull off wearing shorts? mmmmm.. aiba in shorts...

overall, this video didn't have as much of an impact on me as the HAPPINESS PV did. where they looked like they were just having the best fun. or even the STEP AND GO PV. those colors!!! it was just a really good shoot. even if nino was wearing that horrendous cape thing.

i absolutely love the middle of it though. aibajun. mmmmm...


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